Analy2Many of you have suspected that Andrea Rossi could have a high-level protection that would allow him to work at his best. Surely you are in the right, but perhaps you didn’t think exactly what you’re going to read. 🙂

A photo was recently released by Andrea Rossi with him while proudly shows the US patent for his invention, the E-Cat. On the left you see a my elaboration of such image.

After a few days, I received by a reader an e-mail whose content is reported below, apart from the private conclusion:

Good morning Dr. Nikolova,

I follow the story of the E-Cat since it became public in 2011 and, to stay updated, I read several blogs that talk about this affair. On one of them I saw the attached image, seeming to be a Madonna placed between the pages of Rossi’s agenda. You are the author of his biography, so do you know something about it? Hoping for a your kind response, I thank you in advance, complimenting also for your book which I thoroughly enjoyed. […]

Best regards

I am a psychologist and then, by nature and profession, an inquisitive person. The detail visible in the image shown below, probably prepared by an expert in photography, struck me too.


Detail of the Rossi’s personal agenda on his desk.

It is the agenda of Rossi, visible on the desktop, where you can see, on its right hand page, an image that seems a Madonna or something like that. So, I asked Andrea what it was…Madonna delle Grazie   (MI)

“Dear Vessy, here is the story of the image you asked about,” Andrea begins the unexpected story. “That is the image of the ‘Madonna delle Grazie‘ “, he explains.

So, I immediately searched on the web, where I found a beautiful picture of the Madonna, Santa Maria delle Grazie or, in English, ‘St. Mary of the Graces’, which coincides with the silhouette of the image analyzed above.

Andrea told me in detail the story:

“When I have been made free and exited from the prison of Milan, Italy, after being cleared, I went immediately to prey in the church of ‘Santa Maria delle Grazie’ (the prison is not far from there)”.

Rossi, in fact, was arrested several years ago in Italy for a long story, as an unpredictable consequence of a previous and important discovery, as described in detail in my book “E-CAT THE NEW FIRE – A biography of Andrea Rossi,” which you can find here.

Andrea continues the story underlining that this is an important church: “It is, by the way, the church with inside the famous fresco ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci”.

Indeed, on the end wall of the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie, there is one of the world’s most famous religious paintings, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance.


Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” (1495-97).

Then he explained how the events took place:
“I prayed in that church for my future life and prayed to make useful for something all the studies made in prison on the LENR. I have taken that day, in the same church, an image of St. Mary of the Graces, which is exactly the one that you can see inside my agenda”.

Finally, he reveals why the image of Our Lady is so faded:
“From the day I have taken it, many years ago, I prey everyday looking at it, to make useful my work on LENR, so that now it is very worn and barely visible”.


The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Milan.

That’s it. If, from now on, you wonder how Rossi was able to discover the effect that carries his name, you should consider that, in addition to the “material” things, an important role – in my opinion – may have been played by the more ethereal spiritual component.

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    • Luca

    • September 16, 2015

    • 11:03 PM

    • Reply

    Guarda Vessela,
    Andrea ha appena risposto ad una specifica domanda sul suo JONP.
    Non riporto la domanda perché la risposta la dice lunga……
    “Revenge is a fight against the past, which is a waste of time and energy: I prefer to fight to accelerate my pace toward the future: not much time is left to my lifespan and I have not time to lose. The past is useful as a teacher, not as an enemy”

    Penso che il grande pubblico, quando sarà il momento, avrà bisogno anche di sapere il “rossi pensiero” per capire il personaggio.
    Nonostante le angherie subite e i torti ricevuti…….dritto per la sua strada.

  1. Dear Vessy,

    Excellent writing; I have tried a similar idea here:

    The support of the Catholic Church for LENR could be very welcome.
    I take this opportunity to tell you that I like verymuch your style.

    I invite you to taka a loook to my blog issue of today, at OTHEr there is writing of an other Bulgarian lady, Maria Popova who is really wonderful
    Do you know her personally.
    Best wishes,

    • Luca

    • September 15, 2015

    • 10:08 AM

    • Reply

    Grazie Vessela.
    La vita e le avventure (disavventure) di Andrea non sono conosciute al grande pubblico.
    Diventerà presto un personaggio importante della scena mondiale ma non va dimenticato cosa sia successo nel passato. E’ vero che si tratta di passato ma deve essere chiaro a tutti che ciò che ha portato sino a qui, oggi, non è frutto di fortuna o peggio di imbrogli e sotterfugi, ma di lavoro vero, intenso e caparbio di una persona che ha creduto in quello che faceva.
    Poi si sa, la fortuna aiuta gli audaci e non sono l’unico a pensare che, di audacia, quest’uomo ne abbia da vendere.
    PS: ho sempre davanti a me l’immagine di Andrea Rossi che abbraccia il Prof. Focardi. Erano pionieri……ora sono eroi.

    • Ciao Luca,
      uno dei motivi che mi hanno spinto a scrivere la Biografia di Andrea Rossi è stato il desiderio di descrivere gli avvenimenti della sua vita come realmente si sono svolti senza pregiudizi e condizionamenti.

      Mi ha fatto piacere che tu ricordassi la figura del Prof. Focardi e sono veramente dispiaciuta che non possa vivere questi momenti che sicuramente lo avrebbero reso molto felice.

      Ti ringrazio per le tue belle parole e ti saluto con questo pensiero:

      Al pari della fiamma di una candela che, anche nel momento in cui viene capovolta, continua a protendersi verso l’alto, così l’uomo ridotto in ginocchio dal destino si rialza per combattere“.

  2. Thank you, Vessela.
    Warm Regards,

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