Vessela Nikolova - Web PhotoWelcome to all in my blog on the E-Cat and on Andrea Rossi’s life and news!

This is a new channel for all the people who wish to know more on this topic. I hope you will appreciate it over time and I would be happy to know your opinion on the arguments covered in individual posts. The post comment section is open to all…

You are also free to suggest topics to be discussed or – only for those who send me by e-mail a specific request to be contributors of this blog – to write and publish your guest post.

But I do not want to waste any more time… Let’s go!


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    • Luca

    • November 18, 2014

    • 3:52 PM

    • Reply

    Eccomi in ritardo…auguro un breve e fulminate successo al blog.
    Breve perchè spero che l’ECAT di Andrea Rossi e Sergio Focardi (che non dimentico per competenza, pacatezza e estrema gentilezza) possa essere presto una realtà al punto tale che non abbia più bisogno di un blog, se pur piacevole come sarà questo, per essere riconosciuto e conosciuto.
    In bocca al lupo


    • Crepi il lupo e grazie molte, Luca 🙂

    • James Rovnak

    • November 8, 2014

    • 9:33 PM

    • Reply

    Thank you for your documentation of this marvelous effort by Andrea! My grand kids & I have followed Andrea & his tenacious efforts for a long time now & are glad to see the commercial products finally about to emerge! My grandaughter & I have always like “I believe in the E-Cat” song ( ) & have watched the E-Cat as it has immerged in its present form.

    • Thanks Jim! “I believe in the E-Cat” is a wonderful song… 🙂

  1. Good Luck, Vessela. You merit it, I know you dedicated one year of your life, full time, to write this sincere, honest and highly professional book.
    You have just overestimated me.
    Warmest Regards,


      • August 14, 2016

      • 10:13 PM

      • Reply

      dear Mr. Rossi
      going testing robots in Sweden? Thanks for the answer

    • Umberto Giordano

    • October 25, 2014

    • 8:41 PM

    • Reply

    Complimenti per il suo blog, anche se sta facendo ancora i primi passi.
    Un cordiale saluto.

    • Thank you for the compliments, Umberto! “Long is the way, and hard…” (lunga e dura è la strada…)

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