sigma5While in the United States continues the lawsuit brought by Andrea Rossi (Leonardo Corporation) against Industrial Heat – accused of breach of contract for not having paid the sum of 89 million $ at the end of the 1-year test of a 1 MW E-Cat – and the development tests of the new reactor “Quark X” travel towards “5 sigma”, in Italy continues to grow an interest in LENR, the nuclear reactions at low energy capable of generating, in the case of Rossi’s reactor, thermal energy clean and free of harmful radiation.

Not surprisingly, on December 19 the Commission Research and Innovative Reactors in the Nuclear Area, established by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome, in collaboration with ENEA (former National Agency fimage28or Alternative Energies), offers to its subscribers a free informational seminar on the topic of Nuclear reactions at Low Energy as part of the technical-scientific and cultural series of lectures “Magistra Vitae”. See here.

I hope that during this conference the organizers will also speak of the fundamental role played by Andrea Rossi in this area, since the invention of his reactor with potential commercial applications has reignited again, in recent years, the media interest for this kind of research that, after the famous announcement of cold fusion made in 1989 by Fleischmann and Pons, the scientific community has deliberately denigrated and marginalized.

I also find really interesting that the Manager of Energy Services (GSE) – a major company of the Italian Stock Exchange, controlled by the Italian Ministry of Finance as it provides the incentives for renewable energy – has published in the issue 38 (August-November 2016) of its magazine “Elements” an article entitled “The Cold fusion. From fiction to reality?“, in which Andrea Rossi provides interesting answers during an interview about the E-Cat: the ingredients used, the products of the reactions, and so on. Get it here (pp. 68-70).


Rossi interviewed by the magazine of GSE, a big company controlled by the Italian State.

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