Vessela_Nikolova_5It is my aim to inform the general public in the widest sense possible of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) and their enormous potential for our society, knocking down the thick walls often built by local and international energy lobbies who see this technology as a danger to their economic interests.

This blog sets out to take a first step in that direction. However, as you can imagine also looking only at the graphics, it requires the collaboration of external professionals and experts, without even considering the time that it takes away from my normal profession.

After this exploratory phase, I now need to understand if and how to continue with this work which will involve greater commitment both on my own behalf and that of my growing number of collaborators. In order to dedicate myself completely to such responsibilities and to do so in a free and independent way, I do not want to have a unique ‘employer’. The only way to be truly free is to have the support of the community.

I am satisfied with the work that has been carried out until now. This web site and the blog have been visited by important companies, investors and stakeholders, among whom, just to name a couple, the Department of State (Washington DC, USA) and the Presidency of the Italian Cabinet of Ministers (see below and another screenshot here).

Department_of_State_4Visit by a top level US politician, Department of State (I have covered the name for privacy).

I am by character an optimist and I feel sure that there are many people who share with me the desire allow the public opinion to discover – involving in this mainstream mass media – the revolutionary potential of LENR and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

I would therefore kindly ask you for a contribution in line with your appreciation and resources in order to help me at least in part with the costs and to keep this blog alive. Not only me, but many other people in the world will be extremely grateful for your generous contribution.

If you want to be part of this project this is the moment to act.

Single readers can help ‘SUPPORT VESSY’S BLOG’ with free donations, but we also invite blog sponsorship from companies involved in the renewable energy sector and in LENR.

Donations are always anonymous for amounts less than 50 €, so you’ll find them grouped by amount. Whereas, for larger amounts, donations are anonymous only on your explicit request, otherwise the name of the donor – DISTINGUISHED (= or >1000 €) or MAJOR (= or > 50 €) – will be published together with the donated amount in the DONATIONS’ PAGE (click here).


“Donate is a pleasure that we do not give to others, but to ourselves” (Vessela Nikolova)

You can give your donation in a few seconds just by clicking on the Paypal button below (even if you do not have a Paypal account but only a credit card) and indicating, in the donation field, the sum you wish to contribute. In alternative, you can make a bank transfer to the following account: Bank: Hello Bank!, Beneficiary: Vessela Nikolova, IBAN: IT04 J010 0524 8000 0000 0002 146 (do not write the spaces), BIC / SWIFT: BNLIITRRXXX.


If our community grows we will easily be able to reach our target, so it is important to tell your friends about the project (by e-mail or through blogs, social media, etc.).

In this virtual age, we sometimes think that humanity is cold, but our ‘opponents’ do not understand the strength there is in sharing and how this has been made possible by communication systems which thanks to the web can cancel out the distances between us all.

My aim is to make sure that the contents of the blog can help people to understand that the technology exists which will save the planet from atmospheric pollution due to our use of the carbon fossil energy sources, responsible for the climate changes that are clear to everyone.

Maybe that is your dream as well in the same way as you wish to find out the secrets of the ‘New Fire’, which I will play as great a part as I can in revealing …

So, if you are not a troll, support this project and spread the word about this invitation!  🙂





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    • sam

    • December 4, 2015

    • 6:46 PM

    • Reply

    Have a good Christmas Vessela.
    Stay Positive

    • Thank you for your concrete support, Sam 🙂

      May this Christmas bring also to you comfort, joy, peace and happiness!

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