FOTO TORRE DI PISA ritIn psychology “prejudice” is defined as a preconceived opinion, not drawing on any precise or well-defined conception of the matter or the person in question, but based instead in rumors or clichés.

The meaning of the word prejudice has changed in time: we have gone from defining it as a preceding judgment to something closer to a premature judgment, and, lastly, to a nuance more similar to an unmotivated judgment, creating a positive or negative idea of others without backing it up with any sufficient reason (in such cases a prejudice is generally negative).

An ‘idea’ becomes a ‘prejudice’ only when it becomes persistently irreversible – even in the light of new information.

Is it possible to eliminate prejudices?

Encouraging contacts between groups whose ideas are different improves our knowledge of those people who, for one reason or another, are seen as ‘diverse’, and this can be useful in reducing ‘prejudice, but it is, naturally, vital for each one of us to be effectively disposed towards revising our convictions.

This is one of the reasons that has driven me to writing this book, my first literary effort.

Dear Readers, it gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of the extended version of my book, ‘E-Cat The New Fire – The Biography of Andrea Rossi’, which you will find for sale on Amazon, both in digital and paper format, for the moment in Italian, but very soon also in English.


This edition has been updated in content and you will find included a number of as yet unreleased documents which I hope will help to clarify the figure of this Italian inventor, who (and this is something that is all too common as regards our country) has had to move abroad in order to make his dream come true.

Those who, for example, have labeled him with contempt as a crook or a swindler will now, I am sure, have to change their tune, unless, of course, they wish to continue to discredit the words written about him and his invention by a Public Prosecutor of the Italian Republic in the document, the contents of which you will find (though of course I have omitted sensitive data out of respect to privacy laws) in the pages of my book.

Besides which, there can be no doubt that we have to recognize the merit in Andrea Rossi’s work of having brought the so-called ‘Cold Fusion’ to the limelight once again in the mass media and in the scientific world after years of discredit and oblivion. Above all, for the first time ever, he has created a 1MW plant for the production of process heat – which works on the basis of a principle of physics whose theory is still under scientific scrutiny: the Rossi Effect – reliable and ready for the market: the E-Cat … a “New Fire” for humanity!

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    • Gavino

    • May 30, 2016

    • 5:29 PM

    • Reply

    Bravissima Vessela, bellissimo libro: si legge d’un fiato a ci sono informazioni che non esistono nei blogs.

    • Grazie molte Dr. Sanna, leggere il suo apprezzamento è stata una sorpresa e mi ha fatto davvero molto piacere!


  1. Thank you Donny and Sam,
    yes, I’ve been quite busy for my job and also for the extended edition of my book, there were many news to be added… 🙂

    • sam

    • May 24, 2016

    • 2:57 AM

    • Reply

    Hello Vessela

    Have not seen anything on your Blog for a while.
    The book tells me why.
    Good work.


  2. Looking forward to the English version. Thanks for bringing more information to light.


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