Had you ever seen an high-res photo of Rossi with three Hot-Cats all together? Now you have… 😉


As promised, this is the whole picture of a part of the large Rossi’s laboratory in Ferrara, Italy.

It shows Andrea Rossi and three Hot-Cats. The photo was taken on September 26, 2013, with a good quality camera of an Apple smartphone using a flash, even if no reflections are visible because the shot was taken from a quite great distance and from above a loft.

You are free to publish this picture in your blog or article, provided that you put a link to the source.

If you click on the image I’ve posted, you can see the original photo, where you can distinguish many details, such as the title of the book that Rossi was reading: “The particle at the end of the Universe“, by Sean Carroll, winner of the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books.

On the table we can also see some notes, whereas for the technical part I refer to my sources:

“On the left, there is a Neutron Dose Analog Ratemeter produced by Ludlum Measurements Inc. (see photo below), that can detect fast and slow neutrons eventually emitted from the reactors. The instrument to the right of the near notebook is, probably, a Geiger Counter.



The second gray box on the main table is a Safety Switch, model Square D, produced by Schneider Electric (see photo above on the right). It provides an effective way to interrupt power in an emergency. You’ll find other photos and the specs here.

It seems that only one of the thermocouples used to measure the temperatures of the single reactors is now connected to the other gray box, which could then be used to stabilize the reactor or for producing, if and when necessary, the ‘electro-magnetic stimulation‘ cited in the 2nd TPR”.

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    • Nero

    • November 4, 2014

    • 12:53 AM

    • Reply

    Il dubbio su Cobraf-Rossi è: siamo a Ferrara in Italia o in USA? E la data è proprio quella? Grazie per l’attenzione…

    • Sì, avevo capito la domanda, pertanto la risposta è quella già fornita nel mio precedente commento. La data è quella indicata nel mio post. Grazie a lei.

  1. Non avevo analizzato l’immagine con il microscopio, se errori ci sono non sono voluti… 😉

    • Nero

    • November 3, 2014

    • 10:07 AM

    • Reply

    Da Cobraf-Rossi:

    “Quindi: alimentatore [scatolo rosso] yankee, commutatore yankee, prese yankee, cartoleria yankee, libro bosonico yankee – scoprire di essere in via Cesare Ragazzi mi meraviglierebbe…
    … Nikolova mente? Lei che dice?”

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