For a psychologist, the blogs are a very very interesting environment…

You can read comments made by people who talk about articles or books without reading them or, conversely, faithful and objective analysis or reviews. Among these last, I point out that written by Andre Blum. I saw that he is a long-time reader and commentator of the blog E-Cat World.

Needless to say, he shows that he read my book carefully. Thank you, Andre!

Review E-Cat World4

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  1. Thank you for your useful observation, even if you posted the comment here I imagine that you refer to the photo of Rossi’s laboratory I published some months ago… 😉

    • James Rovnak

    • May 19, 2015

    • 12:50 AM

    • Reply

    That power source curve on the table is very telling that there is a lot of high frequency EM being introduced by Andrea into the Hot E-Cat for possible initiation of the process & the following LENR process power generation. There is a high dI/dt signature indicated in the graph!

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