On December 19th I participated in Rome, at the ENEA Headquarters, the seminar organized by the Commission Research and Innovative Reactors in the Nuclear Area on the subject of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

It was a technical meeting which saw a considerable success and the presence of some active researchers in this field that, as shown by the E-CAT of Andrea Rossi, could have interesting developments from the industrial point of view, contributing to the advent of a real “energy revolution”.

The main report was presented by Eng. Vittorio Violante, who explained (showing charts and diagrams) that, from his point of view, the LENR are a reality, however referring to the Deuterium – Palladium reactions. To a specific question asked by an audience member – whether he knew the work of Andrea Rossi – Eng. Violante replied, I believe so surprising, that he knew nothing!

The event was broadcast live by streaming, and participated as a guest the Honorable and environmental engineer Davide Crippa (next to me in the photo at right), belonging to the Parliamentary Group of Five Stars, demonstrating how he and the movement of which he is part are very attentive to the problems regarding the development of sustainable energy technologies.

During the lunch break (which preceded the talk of Prof. Alberto Carpinteri) I had with him an exchange of views and enjoyed the “healthy skepticism” of those who approach the areas of research that have not yet had the backing of the mainstream scientific community.

Unfortunately there are those who, in the spirit of contrarian or worse for personal interests, continues today – despite the events – to feel the LENR junk science and Andrea Rossi not credible, as evidenced by certain statements that may be found on the web.

However, I find significant that a research institution with a glorious past as ENEA has made available the premises of its headquarters, which organizes congresses, conferences and national and international workshops.

A slide presentation by Eng. Alberto Taglioni (President of Commission Nuclear Engineering by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome).

Maybe something is really moving in Italy and maybe, even if the general public has almost not yet received information, that “signals” to be taken seriously begin to flow to the Institutional organs.

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    • sam

    • January 1, 2017

    • 11:00 PM

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    Have a good 2017 Vessy.


      • Sam

      • January 1, 2017

      • 11:20 PM

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      Vance Neitzke
      January 1, 2017 at 10:49 AM
      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
      In 2016 you published here your New year Eve dream: what did you dream during this New Year Eve night?

      Andrea Rossi
      January 1, 2017 at 12:53 PM
      Vance Neitzke:
      This New Year Eve night I didn’t sleep, too many issues to think about, but, during that limbo status between to be awake and to be sleeping, I attended this dialogue by two characters: Galileo (G) and Andrea (A).
      G- what the heck are you doing ?
      A- testing the QuarkX
      G- what is it ?
      A- not your business
      G- don’t worry, I am not a spy, just curious: what is it for ?
      A- make heat
      G- not much of an invention
      A- make a lot of heat
      G- still not much of an invention
      A- make a lot of heat with a bit of energy respect the heat produced
      G- now, that’s interesting
      A- yep
      G- for example, how much units of heat with , say, ten of the same units of supply ?
      A- more than one hundred
      G- that’s crazy: you kidding ?
      A- nope
      G- how did you invent it ?
      A- mainly try and error, lot of work
      G- I know the feeling
      A- what do you do in the life ?
      G- my life in this Earth is long past. At those times I discovered that the Earth was orbiting around the Sun, not viceversa, but most of all I estabilished a new scientific method to make science, based on experiments instead of speculations
      A- that’s nice
      G- official science tried to roast me for all that
      A- I know the feeling
      G- what do you dream to do with that gadget ?
      A- make billions of them to make energy without pollution and with strong economic advantages: also, to reduce the global warming
      G- what the heck is the global warming ?
      A- forget it
      G- when do you think you will start to produce that gadget, to start the route that will bring to make billions of them?
      A- in this very beginning year, this is my very strong dream right now
      G- how are going the experiments ?
      A- well
      G- do you know the theoretical bases the gadget works upon ?
      A- working on that, I got good ideas, but I privilege the experimental activity
      G- I know the feeling. Fire has been used for thousands of years before its chemical and physical theoretical bases have been discovered
      A- yeah, but you know what Dante wrote: ” fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e conoscienza”
      G- all right, good luck and beware not to be roasted
      A- you bet

      Andrea Rossi

    • Thank you Sam, I wish you and all the readers a bright New Year!

  1. You wrote: “To a specific question asked by an audience member – whether he knew the work of Andrea Rossi – Eng. Violante replied, I believe so surprising, that he knew nothing!”

    That is a sensible response. I do not find it surprising. No one outside of I.H. knows anything about Rossi, because Rossi has not published.

    • My surprise comes from many facts: it was simply a very general (not technical) question about an argument that an expert in his field cannot dismiss at all; he appeared very embarrassed in giving the answer; last but not least, some LENR researchers or engineers (Biberian, La Gatta, etc.) according to the information available on the web and on not public channels have been contacted and hired by Industrial Heat in the last year, and Violante has had many contacts with La Gatta, if not offers for a collaboration… so Violante should know much, much more than he says, and his answer shows a not transparent behavior towards his Institution and the audience…

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