Accorn2Dear readers,
we are now close to the end of the 1-year long test regarding the Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW E-Cat reactor. So, there is a growing interest for those following this story from the beginning on what the final result will be, and especially on the data that will be released by the involved parties.

Although many people (including me) have tried to inform all those who would have interest in a so big scientific discovery and technological revolution – including scientific and/or political institutions – the news has been shamefully ignored on mainstream media.

I ask you to spread the video below, created by Prof. Neri Accornero (University “La Sapienza”, Italy, see his CV in Italian here), to as many people as possible in order to break the wall of silence interposed by those who have a vested interest because it does not happen.


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    • Luca

    • February 10, 2016

    • 11:03 AM

    • Reply

    Il video è molto suggestivo.
    Alla luce di ciò che ha recentemente affermato Andrea Rossi “What I have seen today with my eyes was not expected so soon. We got some exponential”, personalmente, penso che il tempo sia giunto.
    Rossi si tiene dovutamente scarso di emozioni e notizie cruciali ma, negli ultimi tempi, anche la sua proverbiale “FREDDEZZA” si sta “riscaldando”.

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