Brian_Josephson_CavendishNot all writers are so lucky to be in a friendly contact with a Nobel Laureate for Physics.

Brian Josephson was one of the first readers of my book when it was only an early manuscript. He encouraged me in the work and gave me some valuable advice.

Brian is one of the few high-level scientists to have immediately expressed a positive opinion on the invention of Andrea Rossi, that he wanted to met privately during a stay in the USA.

So, it did not surprise me to read his post on the website of Nature in relation to the Independent Third Party Report released a few days ago by Levi et al.

He wrote, in the Seven Days online column of the popular magazine:

The most important news of the year, perhaps, not just the last seven days? The results of a new investigation into the Rossi reactor (allegedly a high-power cold fusion reactor), involving running the reactor over a 32-day period, are now out. The report not only confirms output power far in excess of anything possible by chemical reactiBrian Josephson Nature E-Caton, but also gives a clear indication that a nuclear reaction is occurring, on the basis of a substantial change in the isotopic proportions of Li and Ni over the period of the run. The report, entitled Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel may be seen at As before, I predict that pigs will fly before Nature makes any mention of the report, which has also been put on hold by the physics preprint archive (with an earlier report, a leaked email disclosed that the moderators were trying hard to find a reason to block the report but eventually gave in). Brian Josephson”

Thank you again, Brian!

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