chart_trendIn the last 12-18 months there have been many tangible signs of a growing interest in LENR among different “types” of scientists, especially physicists. I would like to focus my attention on some of them, just to give an idea of the ongoing trend to the reader.

First of all, I can confirm – having information from another first hand source in Sweden different from Mats Lewan – that the Swedish branch of Lugano testers continues to investigate the LENR phenomenon. Their effort in such a direction includes some kind of replication (likely, of Rossi’s Hot-Cat) and the work is made in silence at the University of Uppsala. With their experiments, they want to give a real and independent contribute to the LENR research.

Also some mainstream physicists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) – soon directed by the discoverer of the Higgs Boson, the Italian Fabiola Gianotti, likely as a little “compensation” for the denied Nobel Prize – are studying some aspects related to LENR, but they prefer to operate in silence in this phase, so I cannot give further details, at the moment, regarding the researches underway in the European laboratory.


Fabiola Gianotti, the first female physicist appointed Director-General at CERN.

On the opposite side, some physicists still fight to refuse LENR: we know for sure that many researchers of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) are working on themes somehow related to LENR, but only to “deny” them, even if in reality they are pathetically fighting – as Mats Lewan recently noted – “against Nature”.

For example, the INFN researchers Antonio Davide Polosa and Riccardo Faccini illustrated LENR with an unusual criticism at a so-called CERN colloquium titled “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions?”, hold in Geneva on January 16, 2014 (you can see the video streaming here). I would point out the “badness” that you can hear in the words of the speaker…

Polosa cern_3

The INFN speaker attacks with badness LENR at the CERN colloquium, in Geneva.

So, it is quite clear that new people are appearing on the scene of LENR – even if not all with a real open mind and a wide knowledge of the field – and I have no difficulty to predict that, thanks to Rossi’s work, in the coming years there will be more and more scientists studying these phenomena from both the theoretical and experimental point of view.

Regarding the other replications of the E-Cat, Alexander Parkhomov‘s successful experiments and the ongoing attempts by the Bob Greenyer‘s Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project represent only the tip of the iceberg, that is the public tests, but much more work is done behind the scenes. Some interesting revelations will follow soon. Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Thank you to the reader “Freethinker” for the following clear technical analysis he has just published on E-Cat World:

    Freethinker • 32 minutes ago

    The presentation made by Polosa and Faccini at CERN was illuminating. The were good presentation, and also the articles available at Arxiv are interesting. I came out of it with a few observations:

    1. They are clearly negative to LENR. Frequently occurring negative terminology and intonations made that obvious. Also the overall description of what is found on the web was sweeping and negative. The whole thing smelled of debunking. But it was well done, and educational.

    2. I find it almost dishonest to present the neutron emission in lightning, piezoelectric related neutron emission when crossing slabs of rock, with Cirillo et al. electrolysis experiment, which was also commented on by one in the audience. They talked about different phenomena, and theory, and then debunked Cirillo et al’s experiments. All in once, as though it all were connected. Not good, and again revealing as to their general opinion of LENR as a whole.

    3. Their debunking of the Cirillo paper is strange in many ways, although educating at the same time. I have read the draft of Cirillo’s paper as well as the published one. It is clear that he used detectors that used a calibrated source to establish a calibration curve, as how much tracks was received using a certain radiation level. He also had, in each experiment, non exposed detectors (~5 meters away from the experiment) that showed no significant activity. Reading his KAM paper, I’d say that it seem quite solid, and Faccini and Polosa seem to be shooting on that the detectors were wrongly designed, not ideal for the type of neutrons intended to be detected (thermal), Radon sources polluting the detectors,etc etc, but what remains when their experiments are sqrutinized is that for some reason they, Faccini and Polosa that is, failed to achieve the same neutron flux.



  2. To understand what is happening, one have to understand that the reason why most people reject LENR is not because of the claimed arguments, but because of the fear to be ridiculed, defunded, blocked from publication, and blocked from Nobel.

    This pushed BARC to abandon LENR in the 90s, and CEA lab to stop their work started by Longchampt with the help of Biberian.

    In that context what is happening means that people are still afraid, and thus they act in silence, but they know it is not for long, and that soon it will pay.

    Of course the main blockage is from nuclear physicists, but already some material science physicist, decided that understanding what is happening was a good project for research.

    What is funny is also on the mainstream social media, to see how the foot-soldiers mindguards are aggressives, while they are abandoned by their heroes.
    As said Abd Ul Rahman Lomax, the critics of Cold Fusion is no more alive in published science. it is just the sequel of a social phenomenon. Anyway, few days before the Berlin Wall was dismantled “by accident”, there was people killed to defend it.

      • Jouni

      • March 11, 2015

      • 10:46 PM

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      Thank you AlainCo for your continuous avareness. Hope the truth will emerge after all.

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