Pat_IH_coverIt has just been published, in the database of the US Patent Office (USPTO), a patent application (doc here) filed on April 26, 2014 by Industrial Heat, regarding some types of high-temperature E-Cats, or “Hot-Cats”.

Title: Devices and Methods for Heat Generation.

I immediately asked for an opinion about this doc to some my friends engineers and here’s the interesting information and material that I’ve collected so far:

“It seems a very important document. The most relevant part probably regards the COP reached by a Hot-Cat.

Already in the ‘summary’ of the patent application (page 1) we read that the best Hot-Cat has a minimum COP of 5.0: “In at least one example, a ratio defined by dividing the output amount of thermal energy by the input amount of energy exceeds 5.0”. And it is precisely the definition of Coefficient of Performance (COP).

In the ‘experimental results’ of the patent application, describing instead a test on a multiple reactor device, we read that a COP of 11.07 was measured using water calorimetry.

In particular, we read (page 15): “A total number of 18 reactors devices including a reaction chamber in which nickel powder and hydrogen react in the presence of a catalyst were used. Each of the reactors may absorb a power of about 1.1 kW”.

In such test, according to the patent application presented by Industrial Heat:

1) A 300 kW power generation provided the input electrical energy to trigger reaction initiation.

2) In order to be conservative, ALL the energy produced by the generator was assumed to be absorbed by the 18 reactors. In reality, a part of this energy fed the pumps which convey the water in the calorimeter and so would not have gone to feed the reactors.

3) The temperature of the outlet steam was always significantly higher than 100 degree Celsius.

4) In order to be conservative, was not taken into account the heating energy of steam. Moreover, for the same reason the temperature of the inlet water was always considered equal to the maximum value of the same measured during the whole test.

5) The COP was considered only during the period in which the reactor devices were operating: it was not considered during the phases of activation and de-activation.


Figure 9 of the IH’s Patent Application (the colored text was added for sake of clarity).

In other words, now we know for the first time that the COP of many Hot-Cats were measured using not only the infrared thermographic calorimetry, but also with a different and more accurate method, the water calorimetry. The results appear to be consistent and surprising”.

Well, this should put the word “end” to the majority of speculations and doubts on the COP!

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    • Günter Mayr

    • April 16, 2016

    • 12:32 PM

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    Verehrter Dr. Rossi!

    Bitte machen Sie schnell mit ihrer Ankündigung, dass Sie den ECat billig und rasch vertreiben. Milliarden Menschen warten schon voll Begeisterung darauf.
    Lassen Sie uns teilhaben an dem Neuen Feuer. Ihre Erfindung wird die Erde wieder sauber und rein machen sowie uns Menschen gesünder. Alles Gute Ihnen und dass die Umwelt durch Sie wieder im Einklang mit uns Lebewesen ist.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Österreich


    • Thank you!

      Just a translation of your message for the readers:

      “Dear Dr. Rossi!
      Please make quickly by announcing that you distribute the ECat cheaply and quickly. Billion people are waiting for it with enthusiasm.
      Let us participate in the new fire. Your invention will make the earth again clean and pure and our people healthier. Happy you and the environment by in harmony with us is living beings again.

      Greetings from austria

    • ursula pietschmann

    • January 21, 2015

    • 9:19 AM

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    ich interessiere mich für dies gerät. gibt es das schon zu kaufen. ursuls pietschmann

    • Noch nicht. Ich denke es wird 1-2 Jahre für die ersten Industrieanlagen zu nehmen. Gruß

  1. Sensationnel, formidable, je suis très impatient et souhaite posséder une unité assez rapidement; Je pense très fort aux deux scientifiques qui sont M. Fleischmann et S. Pons et qui sont à l’origine de cette découverte qui devrait révolutionner le monde de l’énergie propre

    • Harry Persson

    • November 15, 2014

    • 11:56 AM

    • Reply

    Indeed a very strong document!

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