katLENRIA, the new LENR Industry Association presented at ICCF-19 by Steve Katinsky and David Nagel – and now also online with a website – is potentially one of the most important news in the field.

It is a not-for-profit organization, as described in the website, “to advocate for both scientific study and, especially, commercial advancement of the field”. It joins the already existing LENR Cities on the marketing front of these new technologies but it aims to provide a variety of services to its members.

LENRIA’s recipients are, from one hand, LENR companies, Government agencies, Universities laboratories and, on the other side, Engineers, Scientists, Consultants, Technical personnel, Students. It’s incredible to see how many important companies are already involved in research on LENR (see the extremely clear picture).


A very well done slide presented by Katinsky and Nagel at ICCF-19.

The importance of an industrial association lies in being able to defend, in an organized way, the common interests of its members. These associations usually do a work seemingly invisible but actually very important to creating a lobby operating in the appropriate venues.

LENR may, for example, be deemed comparable to renewables, but a specific legislation is needed to enjoy similar incentives in the future. Organizations like LENRIA can be supportive of political initiatives in such a direction, and this is only the tip of the iceberg of the possible significant contributes to our movement.

In Italy, in recent years, many “Parliamentary Questions” have been submitted (you can see an example in the picture below) and they have not yet been received an answer. In this Country many politicians at the highest level are already aware of the revolution that might be coming and they still do not know what position to take.


An official question about LENR presented to the Italian Parliament on May 16, 2014.

Structures like LENRIA can help the stakeholders to decide for funding LENR research or support this revolution, if they act in an active way in the “circles” that counts. A completely new business is rising and it is an opportunity for all the people directly or indirectly involved.

Obviously, it is not a game for children. It is a demanding job that must be done by experts and authoritative people. I think LENRIA was founded by the right people, although soon they will need the support of other forces and perhaps input from the outside.

Steve Katinsky is a successful entrepreneur who became in recent years a LENR advocate and thus can be a game changer if he take it as a mission. He has founded multiple Internet based enterprises and now is a board member of Technorati, which is one of the 10 most important companies of USA in its category.

David Nagel does not need any presentation, being notoriously one of the most experienced scientists in the field of LENR and beyond, as well as an excellent teacher. He is retired from the Naval Research Laboratory, a US Navy research center in the USA, but the world of LENR still needs his endless enthusiasm and his clear vision of the situation.


The just published website of LENRIA, where you can register and download some files.

I hope LENRIA can stimulate a wide international cooperation in the field of LENR, although I realize that it is not easy, for many reasons. MFMP paved the way of a collaborative venture. It is only with the joining forces that we can achieve important results of which everyone can benefit. We must choose between a bright or dark future!

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  1. I was impressed you wrote this. I wish one of my four kids would believe in my passion for LENR. I know it might have real proven technology behind it but am frustrated LENR still seems classified in USA/Canada and UK.

    I am going to apply to join and bring some “official” representation for Canada and BC.

    PS here’s hoping you are not psyops. 🙂

    • Ann

    • June 5, 2015

    • 12:11 AM

    • Reply

    Great Article! Dave Nagel is my dad and I’m thrilled to see him doing something he loves so much!

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