LogI sincerely hope that the next edition of ICCF – the International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science – can be assigned to a structure that has the due regard for the media.

In fact, the following is the unfortunate story that happened to me and that I think hurts the LENR world and all the people who, like me, dedicate with passion and professionalism their time to try to bring these issues to a wider public, including top politicians and notable scientists, as already documented in previous occasions.

Here is briefly what happened. About three months ago, I dedicated a post to ICCF-19 and, after some weeks, I sent an e-mail to the local organizer proposing a written interview, imagining that it would make him happy, because in the last few months very few posts (if not “0”) on ICCF-19 had been published even on the blogs specialized on LENR.

So, on January 6 I wrote at the cold and impersonal address – no physical person mentioned! – indicated in the web site of ICCF-19: info@iccf19.com. But I didn’t receive a response, so I did not know if my letter had been read or not. Therefore, more than two weeks later, on January 22, I wrote again asking if the organizer was interested or not in being interviewed.


I finally received an answer, because in the meantime I had known through friends the name of the person who reads the e-mails in the private company organizing ICCF-19 and therefore I had sent the e-mail just to this person. Well, the reply was positive: I could send the questions for Eng. La Gatta. Therefore, I spent an entire weekend to document about the company and to prepare the questions, which you find at the end of this post.

On January 27, I sent the questions. But I never received the answers, or justifications for the growing delay. After 5 (five!) weeks, on March 3, I kindly requested the promised response, not just for me but for the readers, who certainly deserve the maximum respect from those who organize such an event. But to date, I have not received feedback.

Finally, to be fair, on March 11 I informed the man managing the e-mails of ICCF-19 for the local organizer that, having lost a weekend to prepare the interview, the questions would have been published in any case and therefore they would not have made a good impression. I also indicated next 10 days as a final deadline for sending the answers.

Again, no answers, no justifications, anything (!). I leave you to judge whether this is the proper way to interact with the media by the organizer of a public event as ICCF.

For this reason I have decided not to cover the event and not to be present in Padua. Maybe I have a concept of professionalism and good manners too high for the Italian standards (see also what is happening with the EXPO in Milan), but I was brought up to work well.

That’s all, no further comments are needed. I wish everyone a Happy Easter!

The QUESTIONS (of the accepted interview) STILL WAITING for a reply:

1) Eng. La Gatta, thank you for accepting this interview. Do you remember when and how did you get interested in Cold Fusion or LENR for the first time?

2) How and when did you get the idea of organizing a major and complex event such as an International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF)?

3) Your company, TSEM, is quoted in the Italian stock exchange, so shares price can benefit from investments in a so promising field. What are the activities of TSEM and how do they reconcile with LENR?

4) About 5 years ago, you led TSEM into the study of high bandwidth calorimetric measurement of palladium excess heat. What types of researches, if any, are you performing or planning now? Have you ever tried to replicate Rossi’s reactors?

5) LENR can be a business also not having a working reactor to sell: some years ago, your Company provided a calorimeter to SRI. If an Italian or foreign Company is interested in buying a calorimeter for LENR, can TSEM provide a turnkey product or other kinds of products/support for LENR?images

6) We saw you sitting next to Bill Gates in his visit at ENEA last year, and I’ve read somewhere that he will be at ICCF-19. Can you confirm this participation and do you think that finally Gates will invest on Italian researchers (public or private)?

7) In this edition of ICCF, you’ve added an “Engineering Application Committee”, a direct link between academia and industry. In practice, what tasks will have this committee?

8) ICCF-19 has received the “High Patronage” from the Italian Prime Minister’s Office. It seems a first tangible sign that the political class is opening to these researches. Is this also your feeling?

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    • Mark

    • April 5, 2015

    • 11:57 PM

    • Reply

    I totally get what you’re saying, Vessy. I’m trying to make a video game, right now, and I have contacted a number of websites, so far, about possibly getting my game on their sites. Most have not even gotten back to me. Public relations seem to be a real problem for a lot of organizations…

    • Sam

    • April 4, 2015

    • 5:47 PM

    • Reply

    Vessela, I think that instead of focusing on something negative, and then enlarge this to become a huge problem, why dont you instead focus on everything else, whats possible, what`s positive, and the opportunities to get a good scoop, or provide the qualities so obviously needed.

    Please reconsider

    • As you know, Sam, this is the first time I make a post of this type, I do not like this kind of topics but I do not like putting my head in the the sand like ostriches do. The reason for posting a personal story is that, if the people who decide the organizer of next ICCF are not aware of these facts, they could repeat a bad choice in future. Of course, the problem is not my blog, but if they treat mainstream media in the same way – i.e. ignore them – because in such case the consequences for LENR are negative and huge… :-O Also in science today communication is considered a “must”, they cannot ignore them, otherwise mainstream media will ignore LENR for ever. We cannot substitute ICCF in approaching media and a wider public, so a better choice of the future organizers is important for the entire movement.

        • Sam

        • April 5, 2015

        • 4:33 PM

        • Reply

        Well, I still hope that you will reconsider 😀

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