The first technical book on the E-Cat technology has just been published! The title is “HOT-CAT 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made” and it is a valuable introduction to the more advanced reactor devices developed by Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat.

The cover of the book, available as paperback on Amazon (click on) .com .uk .fr .de .es .it



From the Preface by Vessela Nikolova:

“I want to be absolutely sincere: this book was written by Eng. Roberto Ventola (a contributor of this blog), who has a technical background, and I appear undeservedly as an author. Therefore, I want to tell the reader how things really went.

Seeing as Eng. Ventola sent many technical articles to be published on the blog and I could not publish them all together, I suggested collecting and publishing them in a book, an idea that he enthusiastically agreed on, offering – in exchange for this opportunity – to donate half of the earnings to Vessy’s Blog Fund through my co-authorship.

Since my blog is financed only with free contributions coming from generous readers and sponsors, and because this is essential for its future survival, I have agreed to appear as co-author. However, my real contribution was only to standardize the style of the book to that of previously published articles and to make a few public communications.

I am very happy to have contributed in some way to the birth of this work, which I think will remain for many years as a reference book for all those who are seriously interested in the last generation Hot-Cat. It is a bit more technical than my book ‘E-Cat – The New Fire’, but I’m sure that most of readers will be able to appreciate it.

Despite the fact that I am not able to assess its more technical content, it nevertheless seems very intellectually stimulating reading to me, enhanced by about 115 figures that enrich the text, making it almost unique. I hope that this is really the beginning of a world energy revolution, though at this point many new characters will need to appear on the scene”.

Vessela Nikolova


You can read also the Introduction of the book written by Eng. Ventola downloading on your personal computer this excerpt of the first pages.


The full cover of the book:



Contents of the book “Hot-Cat 2.0”:



Some of the approximately 150 pages of the book (from the first draft):









You can find “Hot-Cat 2.0” on the bookstore clicking here


ROBERTO VENTOLA is a 38 years old Italian Electrical Engineer. With over a decade of experience, he is currently working in a multinational company manufacturing electronic equipment, particularly in the computer field. He has a strong foundation in mathematics and possesses the creativity needed to develop projects regarding new technologies. His dream? To be the first to replicate a second-generation Hot-Cat.

VESSELA NIKOLOVA, psychologist, lives in Tuscany, Italy, and is already author of a book, E-Cat – The New Fire, the biography of Andrea Rossi. She founded and now manages a blog about Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) and the E-Cat, touching on new themes in technology, targeted at an international audience.

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  1. I understand Gianluca, but other versions are not scheduled. However, it would be possible if an Italian publisher is interested, because the book is currently FIRST in the TOP 20 of best sellers in its sector 🙂
    Top 20:

      • Luca

      • March 4, 2015

      • 1:42 PM

      • Reply

      Thanks Vessela.
      I’m very happy for the success of your book.
      I will buy it the same and I will read it very slowly.

        • rossifan

        • March 4, 2015

        • 4:26 PM

        • Reply

        I wish the ecat will have success as well as its books!!

    • Gian Luca

    • March 3, 2015

    • 10:23 PM

    • Reply

    I hope in the translation in Italian :-(((
    For me it is very hard read e know tecnical english

  2. Thank you for your attention and for this work written by Eng. Roberto Ventola and you.
    I will read it for sure.
    Good Luck!
    Andrea Rossi

    • Thanks Andrea, it’s very nice from you! 🙂

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