Rossi_Vessela_2In these days I did a long interview with Andrea Rossi. I would like to dedicate it as a special New Year gift to all those who bought, or will buy, my book “E-Cat – The New Fire”.

1) When you were a child, have you ever dreamed of inventing something that would changed the world? Who has been your “model”?

“I was fascinated from the character of Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of the penicillin. I was asthmatic at high degree, and my mother repeated many times that I was alive thanks to Fleming. I wanted to do something as he did. That has been my first model, apart my parents”.

2) In your family there were other people having a love for science or for inventions?

“Yes, my mother and my father mainly, and my grandfather. In particular my mother. I learnt from them that only with hard work you can do something valid. They were very hard workers and made me feel guilty every time I was doing nothing… so I had always to invent something to do”.

3) In the biography I wrote is mentioned your theatrical experience. Where does your passion come from and how do you reconcile it with your very different career path that led you to do this epochal invention?

“I was nineteen years old, and I loved theater, in particular Bertold Brecht. I had seen the ‘Santa Giovanna dei Macelli’ directed by Giorgio Strehler and I wanted to learn ‘regia teatrale’, i.e. theatrical direction, that was taught at the school of the ‘Piccolo Teatro di Milano’, in Milan. The director was Giorgio Strehler and the course was very interesting. I learnt many very useful things. It was a top level school: Gabriele Salvatores was in the same course I attended. We started together an experimental theater, ‘Teatro Popolare Zara’, but he continued and won an Oscar with the movie ‘Mediterraneo’, while I had in the same period the intuition of the process to make fuel from wastes and decided to follow this route of destiny”.

4) I wonder if your past business, oil from waste, has been of help to develop an appropriate strategy in this new challenge, regarding the E-Cat.

“Yes, it has, because I have set up an industry, managing R&D, manufacturing, sales. I learnt a lot, also in this case with a bumpy path of trials and errors”.

5) What memories do you have of Prof. Sergio Focardi, as a scientist as well as a man?

“He was very generous, as usually are professors, in transmitting his knowledge. I learnt from him many theoretical issues and rehearsed my mathematic skills: he was a very strong mathematic. He strongly believed in LENR and he was convinced that it was not necessary to look for exotic physics to explain them, it was enough to study well the existing Standard Model. He was extremely honest, sincere. We worked extremely well together when we set up the experiments in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011; in 2012 his health began to be critical, but the day before dying he was clutching with his hands the copy of the 2013 report of the Independent Third Party: he couldn’t speak, but was reading the report with the light of God in his eyes”.

Rossi_FocardiAndrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi (1932-2013), professor emeritus of Physics at the University of Bologna. He collaborated with Rossi on the development of the Energy Catalyzer, or “E-Cat”.

6) I imagine that in these years you have received many pressures and threats against your project, the E-Cat. If so, have you ever thought to give up everything?

“Until I will be alive I will work on this. Pressures sustained with threats, blackmails have on my work the same effect of tennis balls served against a tank”.

7) What was the best moment for you during these years of hard work on the E-Cat?

“The publication of the 2014 Independent Third Party report. For obvious reasons”.

8) Can you tell us the more funny story than happened to you concerning the E-Cat?

“Never happened anything particularly funny. It has been a continuous struggle against problems after problems. We did not get fun at all, like soldiers during a war. Our team has worked – and is working – with a focus that does not leave space to get fun. I am sorry, but I am thinking on your question and I am not able to find anything funny”.

9) Can you give us a comparison between the work on the E-Cat in Italy and in the US? What are the pro and con that you met in these two countries so different?

“Honestly, I worked very well in Italy as well as I am working in the USA, where I have continued the work started in Italy; the advantages here does not depend on me, but on the fact that here I found a Team that accelerated the evolution of this technology: a great team that is working very, very hard. Industrial Heat is the maximum level of help I could dream of, in any field”.

10) Having a team of engineers and physicists working for the E-Cat has relieved you from your work in some way?

“The team of Industrial Heat has allowed to accelerate the evolution and also the progress towards the diffusion of this technology in the market”.

11) What are the obstacles or difficulties that remain to be overcome so that the E-Cat can reach the ultimate goal, which is the market?

“As a matter of fact, the E-Cat has already reached the market. The 1 MW plant we are focused on right now is a plant installed in the factory of a Customer of Industrial Heat. From now on the performance of our plants will not be measured in scientific tests, but in real production of thermal energy that the plant makes for the production necessities of the same Customer. If the Customer will make with our plant the money he is expecting to make, the plant is good, otherwise will have to be corrected. Failure is not an option”.

12) Do you think the fact that there are competitors who engage in the LENR may ultimately benefit you to open a road otherwise bureaucratically difficult?

“I never comment the work of our competitors and we do not take into account any influence of our Competitors related to our work. We have to make our work at the best and reach our targets independently from what happens outside our reach”.

13) At what point is the theoretical understanding of the “Rossi Effect” and what percentage of your efforts is headed in that direction?

“I think I have all the equations ready to understand the theoretical fundamentals of the so-called ‘Rossi Effect‘. The publication is so far constrained within the particular situation regarding our Intellectual Property and its defense. I can only say that, as foreseen by Prof. Sergio Focardi, we are well inside the Standard Model. As Focardi said, it is just necessary to study it well to understand LENR, it is not necessary to go for exotics”.

14) What was the most ferocious criticism received over the years? And which was instead the most beautiful compliment?

“I have been disgusted of the fact that to fight against me our enemies have used the vicissitudes of my past, so that I had to defend myself, 20 years later, from things that have nothing to do with my present work. After the 2013 test of the Independent Third Party, Prof. Sven Kullander, Chairman of the Energy Committe of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, said to me when I went to the University of Uppsala to prepare the protocol for the 2014 test: ‘The so-called Rossi Effect exists beyond any possible doubt‘. This has been surely the most important recognition I had so far”.


Prof. Sven Kullander (in the box) has been a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science (photo), the prestigious body that awards the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry.

15) Regarding the often personal and violent attacks to the numerous authors of the 2nd Third Party Report, there is something that you want to say?

“When Albert Einstein published his Theory of Relativity, he has been initially attacked and criticized as if Relativity was a clownery. Honestly, I didn’t read any critic worth an answer that has not been answered to properly, regarding the Third Party Report you mentioned. From now on the so-called Rossi Effect will talk only with plants in operation. The Customers will say if it works or not. The results could be positive, but also negative, who knows? We’ll see”.

16) What do you think of the replication of the ‘Rossi Effect’ made with a calorimetric system by the Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov?

“It is possible that, with the data published by the Third Independent Party in the Lugano Report, a replication of the effect is made. I do not know the particulars, therefore I cannot comment; but, if true, congratulations to the Russian Scientist”.

17) What are your expectations for the New Year? And in particular about the work on the various types of E-Cats that you are doing?

“I think the 2015 will bring: 1- the consolidation of the technology of the 1 MW plant in operation in the factory of the Customer; 2- the gas-fueled Hot-Cat. We are working at the maximum of our skills to get these targets. With the help of God it may be that we will be successful!”.

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  1. Dear Vessela:
    Since you speak Russian fluently, can you translate the comment of Komit?
    Warm Regards,

    • Hello Andrea, here’s the translation from Bulgarian:

      I just heard the news of your book and of the Rossi’s discovery from the site “Epochal Times.”
      The future is in low-cost technologies, cheap and clean energy, just like the Rossi’s E-Cat. And that it is for these reasons that works as your book are particularly useful: not only for the promotion of ideas and specific findings (certainly important), but also because they allow that the information arrive to a big audience. Besides more a discovery become public, the more difficult for the energy monopolies is to destroy the bud, sometimes even their creators.
      I wish you good health and… gleefully celebrate the arrival of 2015!

      • Patricia Klein

      • January 6, 2015

      • 6:19 PM

      • Reply


      If you use a Chrome browser, you can right click and translate any page.

      Also with Chrome you can use a great service to meet with people or share a demonstration in seconds. No plugins or software and free.

      Kind regards

    • sam

    • January 1, 2015

    • 7:13 PM

    • Reply

    Have a good new year

    • Thank you, Sam! A Happy and Funny New Year to you and to all the readers! 🙂

    • sam

    • January 1, 2015

    • 7:07 PM

    • Reply

    Good interview.
    I like his answer to question six.

  2. To psi2u2:
    Thank you for the following comment, that the antispam plugin automatically refused (probably because it does not want links in the field “website”, so next time you can try not to fill such field or, in alternative, you can register to this blog using the nick psi2u2 and I will authorize you 😉 ):

    “I am sorry to report that while attempting to post a comment after reading this interview I received (twice) a rather rude and inexplicable error message saying: “Your comment appears to be spam. We don’t appreciate spam here. Please try to say something useful.”

    I will park my comment here in hope that in the future Ms. Nikolova will correct this problem:

    “It is great to read Dr. Rossi’s comments in this impressive interview. He obviously has a lively sense of humor as well as the fortitude one would expect from a former world champion in 24 hour running. On this new year’s eve I hope I speak for many in wishing him great success in the coming year.

    As an academician involved in a controversial topic in the humanities, I am well aware of the nasty politics that comes with exploring frontiers in human knowledge. Dr. Rossi’s fortitude and commitment to a better world deserve the highest commendations science can offer.

    I still hope one day to redeem my request to shake his hand in person.”

    If anyone can help me to resolve this matter it would be much appreciated. I don’t have a clue about what I said “wrong.” Is it that my website is a .com?”

  3. Здравейте! 🙂

    Току-що научих от сайта ЕПОХАЛНИ ВРЕМЕНА за книгата Ви за откритието на Роси. Поздравления!
    Бъдещето е на технологиите за евтина, широко достъпна и екологична енергия, какъвто е и E-CAT на Роси. Затова и произведения като книгата Ви са особено полезни. Не само за пропагандиране на конкретните идеи и устройства (което безспорно е важно), а и защото така ще придобият широка известност. А колкото по-голяма е тя, толкова по-трудно ще бъде за енергийните монополисти да ги унищожават в зародиш, а понякога дори и създателите им.

    Бъдете здрава и… весело посрещане на Новата 2015-а година!

    • Благодаря за вниманието
      Напьлно сьм сьгласна с вашето мислене
      Открития като тези на Андреа Роси поставят основите за сьздаването на нови икономически и политически равновесия. Ето защо тяхното приемане е сложно ,спорно и изисква време
      Честита Нова Година и на вас
      Желая ви много светли дни, бьдещи успехи и духовна свобода

        • Komit

        • January 3, 2015

        • 5:40 PM

        • Reply

        Благодаря за хубавите пожелания!

        Хрумна ми да Ви предложа една идея, но тук ми се струва неуместно, а нещо не откривам @дрес, на който бих могъл да го направя. Виж, ако ми пишете на моя или на лични във Фейсбук на

    • GreenWin

    • December 30, 2014

    • 6:19 PM

    • Reply

    Wonderful interview and very interesting to hear of Rossi’s love of the theatre! A multi-talented man. It is especially impressive that Rossi supporter, Dr. Sven Kullander was Chairman of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences Energy Committee. A Committee whose purpose is to find and validate breakthrough energy research. One could not ask for a better, more prestigious entity than the Academy of Sciences which awards science’s highest honor – the Nobel Prize. Congratulations Ms. Vesynik!

    • Brandon Hurd

    • December 30, 2014

    • 2:18 PM

    • Reply

    Great interview with very nice insight into Rossi – the man. Thanks for this.

    • orsobubu

    • December 30, 2014

    • 10:31 AM

    • Reply

    The main merit of the researchers in cold fusion field, Rossi first of all, and their supporters – including Frank Acland, Mats Lewan, Vessela Nikolova and Daniele Passerini, is not so much that they indicated, as many hope, a way out of the economic and geopolitical contradictions, in the continuity of the existing capitalist production relationships. These have very different causes, and indeed probably will deepen due to the acceleration in frequency of overproduction crisis. The merit is rather in having demonstrated the feasibility of technologies that can be taken to build a future social and economic system no longer based on profit and capital reproduction scheme, if the current imperialist system will be overtaken by revolutionary way. The other great merit is to contribute to the fight against the military-industrial complex in nuclear fission/hot fusion power, which is irreparably poisoning the land, the water and the atmosphere of the planet, mainly because of the triple meltdown at the Fukushima plant in Japan, now out of control due to the inertia of governments and the interests at stake. Shame instead on the powerful media corporations and scientific establishment which still denigrate and ridicule these heroic efforts, first of all Repubblica group in Italy and Sylvie Cuyoud.

    • James Rovnak

    • December 30, 2014

    • 6:05 AM

    • Reply

    Nice interview for the new year Vessela, keep up the good work of spreading the word about the accomplishments & the history of this tenacious worker & man of ethics, Andrea Rossi. We need chroniclers of these great times to counter all the World problems with finally some solutions of merit, No? You & Mats Lewan stand out in this effort & I thank you both!

    • Thank you, James! I will try t do my best… All of us are living a unique adventure, perhaps not possible 20 years ago, when Internet was not yet a media so important as it is today… For a chronicler, this is also more exciting, but usually the strong emotions tend to be contagious… 🙂

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