Good morning Dear Readers,
this post is, definitely, one of the most significant ever written on this blog.

Since a while, it was felt in the air that something was going to happen: something special and important; or something that you know or you hope, but cannot be said until the right time comes. Because, as we use to say in Italy: the Gods could be jealous…

But now it is possible. The moment has come!

andrey fillipov_2

So, with great pleasure, I am publishing the cover of a “historical” document: the first patent for the E-Cat issued to Andrea Rossi from the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO). [Full Pdf]

I join to all those who believe in the work of Andrea Rossi’s to make our most authentic compliments reminding him that winning the single battles you finally win even the War.

foto brevetto_3

I also take this opportunity to inform you that, on next October 3, a Conference on Renewables and LENR will hold in Terni (Italy). I was invited to the event as author of the book “E-Cat – The New Fire” – Biography of Andrea Rossi. For the occasion, I prepared a surprise.


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    • Tracy Tynsky

    • August 28, 2015

    • 9:34 PM

    • Reply

    Congratulazioni, Mr. Rossi! And thank you,Vessela!

  1. You’re welcome in Terni, we wait for your surprise. This is the link to the Terni Conference

  2. I don’t see that patent as an achievement, but as a first success in an IP strategy.
    I see it as a pawn moving, a good opening on a fresh chessboard.

    there is quite no LENR in that patent, even if the 6/1kW over 6 month let no doubt of a nuclear reaction…

    Good point is that there is more details on the fuel and reactor, allowing replication.

    good news for the conference, can you give more details ?

    • Salvatore Boi

    • August 27, 2015

    • 5:27 PM

    • Reply

    25-8-2015 a historic day!!! Thank you Vessela, thank you to Andrea Rossi and his brilliant team!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you also for the parallel with the orchestra director of “The Concert” ( he,he,he).

  4. Thank you, Vessela:
    The view of the ribbon of the USPS is very emotional to me.
    Warm Regards,

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