The official website of Andrea Rossi is online! You can reach it at the following address: Some of the beautiful photos you can find there:

ecat+MW1-USA+team+at+workingSome specialists of the USA team at work on the 1 MW plant.

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ecat+MW1-USA+sandy+control_3Electrical Engineer Fulvio Fabiani working on the control unit “Sandy”.

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The images above refer to the final phases of the manufacturing of a 1 MW E-Cat working at low temperatures (< 120 °C) and were made some months ago in Raleigh’s factory, in North Carolina. Now this American and much more advanced version of the old E-Cat first invented and built in Italy, is working at an industrial customer’s factory in a secret locality that I cannot reveal, where it is hosted in a red shipping container instead of the old blue case.

The current 1 MW E-Cat plant they are working on had originally, according to Rossi, a volume of reactors of half a cubic meter (500 liters of volume), which would mean a “power density” of 2 kW per liter, later increased to about 10kW / 1 liter. The tests of this first commercial 1 MW plant based on LENR delivered some months ago to an Industrial Heat’s customer will end between November 2015 and February 2016. The commercial phase will likely start shortly after the end of the 1-year test period of the 1 MW plant.