book_sargDr. Stoyan Sarg kindly sent me its last and interesting book titled “Structural Physics of Nuclear Fusion”. So, I could appreciate his original work and here’s my review for you.

In his long career, Dr. Stoyan Sarg paid particular attention to “fringe science”, which is sometimes mistakenly confused – by the uninformed people – with borderline science. But this certainly is not the case of Dr. Sarg, who just focused his attention on some unsolved problems in Physics.

He investigated the history of physics and scientific publications from different fields, and arrived at an original idea about the relation between matter, space, time and gravitation. As a result, he developed a treatise, called “Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory” (BSM-SG), based on a concept of the physical vacuum that had not yet been investigated.

In his book, Dr. Sarg remarks that “quantum mechanical models of the atoms, based on the planetary model of Bohr for hydrogen, are not real physical but mathematical”. Moreover, the remarkable advances achieved in Cold Fusion experiments cannot be explained from the point of view of current physical understanding of nuclear fusion.

This is an obstacle to endorsement and investment in this field. A supporting theory is needed.

The present book – which is quite technical, but it is natural – suggests a new approach for analysis of the results and offers practical recommendations based on the physical models of atomic nuclei derived in the BSM-Supergravitation Unified theory (BSM-SG).

The book, essentially, provides to the reader: (a) a method for analysis Sarg2of the LENR experiments using the BSM-SG atomic models (see the image); (b) a selection of isotopes suitable for a more efficient energy yield with a minimum of radioactive byproducts; (c) practical considerations for selection of the technical method and the reaction environment.

Then, this book is a very good read for all researchers in the field of LENR, both for experienced experimental scientists and for business-oriented newcomers in the hope of getting quick results.

Paperback, ed. 2013 – Pages: 212 – Price: 35.55$. You can buy the book on Amazon here.

About the Author

Dr. Stoyan Sarg – Sargoytchev, a Bulgarian-born Canadian, holds an Engineering diploma and a PhD in Physics. With his 35 years of interdisciplinary work at different scientific institutions, he gathered experience in different fields of physics and technology. He has over 70 scientific publications, popular papers online, four US patents and four books.

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