Cover_Panorama2I was very pleased to see that my book E-Cat – The New Fire, not more than a few days after its publication, is on the main Italian magazine!

Indeed, a detailed newspaper article on the E-Cat, fruit of a long interview with Andrea Rossi and including a wide review of my book, has just been published on the latest issue of “Panorama” (November 12, n°47).

The title of the article is simply: “An ingenious physicist?” (the Italian original title is “Un fisico geniale?”). The author is the journalist and writer Raffaele Panizza.

With a circulation of 303.422 copies (in June 2013), Panorama is an Italian weekly magazine of current events and politics published by the most important publisher of books and magazines existing in Italy: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore SpA, better known as Mondadori.

This magazine addresses world and national news, political analysis, society, economy, health, science and technology reviews, and can be considered the Italian equivalent of the weekly Time in USA, of Der Spiegel in Germany or of L’Express in France.

The interview with Andrea was a real scoop for the skilled journalist author of the article, because now Rossi only very rarely (to say the least) gives interviews to Italian newspapers.


The beginning of the long article on Andrea Rossi, the E-Cat and my book.

Here’s a translation of the article summary published in the highlights of the last issue that you can find in the Panorama’s website: “Andrea Rossi is a much discussed entrepreneur: he was able to prPage3_small2oduce nuclear energy at low temperature. His project, the E-Cat, that for the first time realizes the cold fusion, has received the imprimatur of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. And the license was sold to a start-up in North Carolina, which in one year should put on the market the first megawatt plant: the price is $ 1 million“.

Finally, only a couple of brief excerpts from the positive and well-documented article:

“Andrea Rossi from Caponago saw rewarded his Faustian perseverance. A Prometheus which, for stealing the fire from the gods, accepted that the eagle gnawed his liver for two decades”, and “Also the Relativity of Einstein was considered a joke for a long time. Here it is no longer science. It is frontier”.

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    • Aleksander

    • November 17, 2014

    • 3:45 PM

    • Reply

    The issues the book is covering are so important. That could change the world!!!

    • Thanks! Just now it seems that something is moving, but we’re only at the beginning… 🙂

    • Andre Blum

    • November 14, 2014

    • 12:29 PM

    • Reply

    Congratulations, Vessela.


    • Thank you, Andre! Maybe your review brought me luck… 😉

    • Leo

    • November 13, 2014

    • 4:53 PM

    • Reply

    Here you may read in Italian or translate into English the full article:

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