Dear Andrea,

I received some questions from some skeptics: are you willing to answer?

That’s how I contacted Andrea in a work break for a rather “uncomfortable” and unusual interview and, to my surprise… he accepted!

Here are the answers:

Which excuse will you tell us if there will be no product presentation by the end of December?

A.: First I had to comb the dolls, then I had to dry the rocks of the peer, then I sharpened the tip to all the Egyptian pyramids, what could I do more?

Why do not you put your technology open source and retire?

A.: Because my wife told me that if I stay home all day she asks for a divorce.

Why nobody has managed to replicate the so-called “Rossi Effect”?

A.: I suggest you go to, Check the REPLICATIONS paragraph, avoiding to chew on a cigarette while reading.

Will the E-Cat end the same way of oil from waste?

A.: Are you asking whether ENI will copy also this technology? It may be, but it will have to wait until the patent expires, as it did for waste oil, whose US patent has just expired: damn it, it’s already  20 years ago, I’m getting old…

How did you get your degree: with MiraLanza points?

(MiraLanza was a famous Italian company which in the Seventies offered points to the buyers of its products, mainly detergents)

A.: I graduated at the State University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono.

How did you get all your hair back? Thanks to your Faith in God?

A.: I have to wear an anti-radiation wig after a head cancer. The wig is made with special materials that protect against radiations.

Hundreds of scientists from all over the world, financed with billions of euros and dollars, have not been able to obtain nuclear fusion, that is the goal for which they were financed, but you alone, and with a few million, succeeded: another miracle like hair re-growth?

A.: Do not be modest: the hot fusion has achieved the goal it wanted to achieve: billions of euros and dollars!

Someone says that you’re a wimp at tennis, even if you play for a lifetime: is it true?

A.: Yes.

Your collaborators say that working with you is impossible: is it true?

A.: If working with me is impossible, how can they be collaborators?

Are you happy to have done this interview?

A.: I couldn’t wait!