I decided to publish an interesting document of which I have come into possession a bit of time ago, and commissioned by the management of an important Italian company quoted at the Stock Exchange, very active in the field of renewable energies, which – although two years “old” and then not updated with the latest and more promising developments – attests the growing interest in LENR by those who see in this new way of producing energy a great business opportunity.

cover_docSignificant in this regard are the cover page and the title of the document, of which you can see below and in detail the index and some significant excerpts.

So, while someone still believes Andrea Rossi a visionary – or worse, a clever con man – some people however, often behind the scenes, are working hard and without much “publicity” trying to replicate the E-Cat and the results achieved by the Italian inventor.

I think, as I said in a previous post published on the Italian version of my blog, that in the coming months (also because of the ongoing developments in the US legal dispute between the Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat), we will see more interesting news. And I also have a surprise which, if everything goes in the right way, I will put you soon aware.

To conclude this post, the first after the summer break, I take this opportunity to greet all the kind readers of my blog. Stay tuned!