AfFullSizeRender2bridter about 3 years since the first request of explanation presented in the “Question time” to the Italian Chamber of Deputies by the member of the Italian Parliament Domenico Scilipoti (see here), the “E-Cat affair” gains ground, and become protagonist in a workshop on “Frontier Researches”, held in Rome on November 24, 2015, organized by Scilipoti himself.

I was really pleased to participate as a speaker in this conference, where I could intervene with a presentation titled  LENR and the E-Cat: Energy oIMG_0159b2f the future?.

My intent was to illustrate the huge potential of this invention and describe the most interesting facts related to its development in their real succession.

For the occasion, Andrea Rossi kindly granted a new brief interview that I projected at the end of my talk. I decided to share its content with all the people who follow my blog.

A new short interview with Andrea Rossi about the current status of the E-Cat.

Finally, I would take tasr3his opportunity to thank Senator Scilipoti (next to me in the photo shown here) for the invitation and Mr. Rossi for his willingness.

I wish you a good vision!


P.S. The interview has been translated and subtitled in English by a professional service.