Concetta-La-Gatta-251x300bEng. Antonio La Gatta does not seem to love the interviews, as our readers well know, but his sister – Concetta La Gatta (in the photo) – seems, luckily, to have a very different attitude towards the media.

A few days ago a very intriguing interview with Concetta made by Gianni Avvantaggiato has been published by an Italian website that, sincerely, I never heard before: You can find it here.

The piece is very interesting, because it says that a family business founded in 2000 is now guided by Concetta, who has a degree in Sciences of Education.

Indeed, she is CEO of Skeda srl, which markets in Italy and in the world the products of the mother Company, TSEM, which on the contrary is born in the late 90s on the outskirts of Naples, being her father of Neapolitan origin.

She says about TSEM: “Later we entered in the medical nutrition field with a patent that still allows us to maintain the exclusive, reproduced in different models and variants. Today, NRL SRI, ENEA, are agencies for which the TSEM is the design innovation in research”.

It is not clear which is the relationship between a medical nutrition patent and the cold fusion field, but sometimes clarity for the Italian journalists is an optional.

But the most interesting part of the interview is the final answer given by Concetta: “Soon the excellent captain who is my brother Antonio will move to the US to direct the new US operating units in North Carolina, in collaboration with MIT, Texas Tech University, Industrial heat”.

TSEM-apparecchiature-elettromedicaliSome medical products made by TSEM (from TSEM website).

Mrs La Gatta continues: “And the administration of TSEM in Italy will be transferred to me, and this is a stimulus even stronger towards the study and comparison with other businesses”.

I wonder which kind of business there is between Industrial Heat and TSEM. We know that in the past the Italian Company has provided to SRI a calorimeter, but with the high COPs obtained by IH a very sensible device seems not necessary.

Thus, it seems a different kind of collaboration… Hmmm, here “La Gatta ci cova…”. However, I’ve not found on the web official information about products or services provided by TSEM in the LENR field. It is a secret business, shhhhh!

Someone should warn Concetta… 🙂