I born in Sofia, where I lived until I was 19, studying Languages and Foreign Literature in my country of origin. I subsequently moved to Italy and took a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I then continued my studies in Psychotherapy, specializing in Psychodynamics and Psychoanalysis.

I now work as an independent freelance professional in the field of the evaluation and diagnosis of psychic disturbances as well as psychological counseling as regards individual or relational difficulties. I also collaborate with voluntary associations in the social sector.

My interests range from the figurative arts to music and the cinema. I am a convinced ecologist and I have always been responsive to the problems connected with the environment and energy. Due to these concerns, and as the result of a series of non-fortuitous circumstances, I met Andrea Rossi. Struck by his tormented personal history, I then decided to write a book about him.


The author of the book "E-Cat - The New Fire", Vessela Nikolova.


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