This book tells the fascinating story of a man – Andrea Rossi, an old-fashioned Italian inventor emigrated in the USA in the Nineties – and of his incredible ‘journey’ in search of a low cost source of energy that can change the fate of the planet.

His has been a difficult and tormented itinerary, during which he was first precipitated into the abyss, defeated by the powers that be, whom he had dared to challenge, and then managed to rise again, forcing Science to take an interest in his latest invention – the ‘E-Cata device which, by apparently violating the principles of Physics as we know it today, is obliging many to re-evaluate a sector of research that had been forgotten: ‘cold fusion’.

Independent validation tests carried out on the ‘reactor’ in 2013 and, again, in 2014 by international teams of scientists have demonstrated that the physical phenomenon observed inside the E-Cat – the so-called ‘Rossi Effect’ – is a process that develops energy similar to that in a traditional nuclear source, but with this difference: here we are talking about ‘clean’, that is to say non-radioactive, energy, which does not produce nuclear waste.

The theoretical interpretation of the new type of reaction on the basis of which the E-Cat functions, and the subsequent industrialization of the invention, could open up unimaginable scenarios, the effects of which would be felt by everyone on Earth, because, to quote a famous inventor who died in 1943:

"The progressive development of man depends on inventions. They are the results of the creative faculties in the human brain. The purpose of these faculties is the dominion of the mind over the material world and the achievement of our ability to channel the forces of nature so as to satisfy the needs of man. Because science is nothing less than a perversion if it does not have as its ultimate aim the improvement of the Human Condition." (Nikola Tesla)


You can download the cover, for free use on the media, from here: first - full



"A fascinating account of the career of the controversial inventor Andrea Rossi"

(Brian Josephson, 1973 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics)


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